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Voice Over

Susan Egan- "Tayler Mettra has seemingly endless talent and soul. With her crystal-clear tones, unparalleled musicality, rich acting and undeniable beauty, she is a force on every level.  I know few performers who can nail the zaniness of a comedic moment, while simultaneously break your heart - and she does it with ease.  I'd hire her for everything I could ... actually ... I have!" 

Branch Woodman (Director)- “Tayler is the actress every director prays will come and audition. She combines her top-notch skills with intuition and intelligence, and wraps them up in a warm, caring, hard-working and professional work ethic. Being in the room with her was a joy for me every single day, and the final product was better than I could have hoped for because of what she brought to the project”-

Richard Israel (Director)-"Tayler is my favorite kind of actor ... incredibly trained, always prepared, and a joy to have in the room.  While she is a beautifully thoughtful actor, she doesn't let her intelligence and training get in her way - she knows when to trust her instincts, which in her case, are always spot-on.  She always makes the interesting choice, but always in service to the material.  And she is a lovely human being."

Becky Monson (Author of Just A Name)-"Tayler was wonderful to work with, very professional, and the narration was done beautifully. She nailed the voice of my main character and really brought her to life! I would love to work with her again on another project." 

Andrew Ruesch (CD)-“Tayler is absolute professional! Not only is her tone, inflection and delivery impeccable, she nails the read every single time. She’s always provided me quality work, and I’ve rarely had to give her notes.  Tayler even went out of her way to provide services while she was on the road! She’s saved me countless of hours, and anyone would be lucky to work with her.”

Denver Casado (Composer & Lyricist, CEO of Beat by Beat Press)- "Tayler is a force of nature and my favorite voice actor to work with. On these recordings she has to portray many different “characters” and she does it effortlessly. Her range of voices, her incredible musicality, and her ability to master and deliver tracks at break-neck speed are the reasons she’s the first person I reach out to when casting new shows. She is a phenomenal talent."-

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